Roksolana Bogutska brand represents the combination of elegant luxuryand bold modernity, amazing mixture of Ukrainian ethnic motifs and up-to date fashion trends. It also means an outstanding quality, the most advanced processing technology, thorough cut and exclusivity of each model. Roksolana Bogutska features a firm, but always elegant, seductive and self-confident lady.

About the designer

Roksolana Bogutska graduated from Lviv College of Applied Arts and Lviv Academy of Applied Arts. Her first collection was presented at National pret-a-porte week “Fashion Seasons “in 1998. This was the year Roksolana Bogutska brand was founded. The distinctive peculiarity of Roksolana Bogutska’s style for quite a longtime is Ukrainian national coloring. The designer constantly developsethnic decor elements’ theme in contemporary clothing. Exclusivenessof her collections is provided by using artistic embroidery on leather and fabric with silk and bead, painting and metal inlay. Nowadays the designer is inspired by creations of artists of different historiacal styles( modernism, art nouveau, pop-art) as well asethnicity and urbanism. The configuration and silhouette are always accentuated in the collections: expressive geometrical forms are combined with drapery softness. The garments are produced of the natural materials only, such as leather, fur, silk, wool and cotton beingprocessed according to the latest technologies. Fabrics are made according to special designs and come on order from Komo, Italy.


Roksolana Bogutska – among most famous Ukrainian designers. Shecreated costumes for Ruslana’s concert tour “Wild Dances”, when thesinger won the victory in the Eurovision Song Contest, a dress for Mrs Kateryna Yushchenko for the Presidential inaugural ceremony in 2005.The designer participated in Ukrainian Fashion Week, Lviv Fashion Week, Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland, where she had been invited as a special guest of the XVIIІ International Fashion Designers Contest “The Golden Thread”. Roksolana Bogutska brand has gained a lot of constant admirers in Ukraine and abroad. Each collection impresses with its up-to-date energy. Roksolana Bogutska got into the list of 12 best collections for Spring /Summer 2010 according to Magazine next to Chanel, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana and became the first Ukrainian designer,who was inducted into the prestigious ranking of European fashion-media.